Samantha Barks featuring special guest Kerry Ellis – REVIEW

Samantha Barks featuring special guest Kerry Ellis

Southampton Mayflower Theatre


Seen on May 20th, 2017

Reviewed by Jade Prince


A one-off gig in the beautiful Mayflower Theatre featuring songs from Samantha Barks’s rapidly growing repertoire including musical favourites “On My Own” and “As Long As He Needs Me” alongside some of her own material, “Troublemaker”. As well as nostalgic vibes from her 2016 album tour, Samantha was joined by the talented Kerry Ellis.

With no doubt the highlight of the night was the greatly anticipated duet “For Good” from Wicked. Kerry reprised her role of Elphaba while Samantha took up the role of Glinda. Such a great pairing for the song which left the audience buzzing.

Samantha finished act one with a stripped down acoustic version of Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”. She didn’t just sing the song, she performed it. It was obvious she was feeling every single lyric through out the song.

A few songs into the second act, Samantha introduced Kerry who started with “Finding Wonderland” from the musical Wonderland (currently touring the U.K.) Following this, Kerry did a throw back to her We Will Rock You days with “Somebody To Love” and encouraged audience participation.

Samantha also threw in a few songs with a modern twist such as a jazzed up version of “As Long As He Needs Me” and the ultimate Disney heartbreak tune, “When She He Loved Me”

The whole night had a very relaxed vibe with certain numbers bringing a hush to the whole audience. It was great to see Samantha enjoying herself at home on stage and she proved that she is a huge fangirl at heart!

Be sure to keep an eye out for any other solo gigs Samantha does in the future through her website and her official twitter @samanthabarks

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