Garrett Millerick: The Devil’s Advocate – REVIEW

Garrett Millerick: The Devil’s Advocate

2northdown, London


Seen November 30th, 2017

Reviewed by Jade Prince


**Just like everything else in my life at this present moment, this review is slightly delayed!**

Garrett Millerick The Devils Advocate 2

What if you slowly became the person you least wanted to be? But what if that person just so happened to be Jeremy Clarkson? Hmm.. Moving away from the hustle and bustle of London could also mean moving further away from that self. This became true for Garrett as he moved to drab Essex. ‘OMG?! Shu’ up!’ (<– I’m sorry but I really had to satisfy that urge!) The conversations of life slowly turned to football, DIY, fines and rubbish removal. After it’s popular run at Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Garrett retells this rather disturbing and eye opening story a little closer to home.

This was a very enjoyable comedy piece highlighting some of the honest truths within today’s world. Whether that is the complete culture change within the space of 50 miles, advertisement rammed down your throat or those strange ‘camps’ we call university. All aspects were hilarious and very much relatable!

Garrett is a comedian who is naturally funny. He doesn’t need any gimmicks or crude jokes to make the audience laugh. He is a true performer! From the moment he stepped on stage he demanded our attention AND held it for the duration of the show. I loved the diversity in his delivery on stage. It was really nice to see the energy. My own experience of comedians (rather limited) consists of them walking around the stage talking at you. Then occasionally getting more passionate/energetic but then ultimately reverting back to their norm. This was not the case with Garrett. He could be talking to the audience as you would in a regular conversation and then in the next moment he would be yelling and really getting into it, not just for the sake of it though. It would be about something that really angers him. In all honesty the show was kinda like watching therapy on stage. There were jokes made towards this element, too!

I also loved the fact his material was original. It is up to date. Everything he spoke about was so easy to picture happening in reality which made it even funnier. Drunk guy just landed in Australia being informed his card has experienced fraudulent activity but he’s the one doing that “fraudulent” activity and now has no access to no money or food because the woman thousands of miles away in a call center is enjoying his pain! To funny!

Brutally honest. But we all agree with it.

This review does not do the man justice. He is definitely one you need to see to fully appreciate. But here’s a little taster:

For more information on his next upcoming shows be sure to follow him on twitter: @fergaltweet

He also runs The Schadenfreude Cabaret so check that one out too where you can see a range of sketches, stand up and character comedy!


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